Loving Presence

Visual Meditations of a Woman’s Inner Journey

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What is it like to live in the modern world as a career woman, mom, lover, friend, and Zen practitioner? How does one meet life’s challenges with its ups and downs, love lost, and pure joy? Dr. Agnes Wong, a physician and chaplain, invites you to pause and come along with her to explore another dimension of our existence as women that is rarely acknowledged in our busy life. Through pithy haiku poems and stunning photography, this book will open your eyes, mind, and heart to an inner journey. It is also a story of the discovery of the deep practice of loving presence―a boundless love that is fully present and without expectations―as we embrace the beauty and the heartaches that is life.

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—Joan Halifax, PhD, Abbot, Upaya Zen Center; author of Standing at the Edge

“This is a lovely series of images and haiku illustrating a woman’s spiritual journey. The reader will find many treasures in this collection.”

—David S. White, author of We Need to Talk: Conversations to Ease Fear and Suffering at the End of Life

“What a lovely book! This ‘chronicle of the author’s journey’ calmly blends nature photography, stunning pictures from deep space, and the author’s poetry. The haikus, while personal, are also universal, with recurring themes of loving presence and finding ‘solace in nature.’ Each time I’ve read it through, I find new connections.”

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