Compassion is both innate and a trainable skill. The ability to self-regulate is essential for compassion and well-being.

– Agnes Wong, MD, PhD

I have given talks and workshops for many professional organizations, universities, and hospitals worldwide. Topics include the neuroscience of mindfulness and compassion, self-compassion, integrity and moral sufferings, wellness, and systems thinking.

Synopsis of “The Art and Science of Compassion”

Professional organizations



What past audiences say

This was a very relatable talk. I learned a lot about the neuroscience behind compassion. Excellent overall.

Her delivery was amazing. Very calm. Not rushed. Loved the anecdote at the start. A lot of examples given to accompany concepts. Tied everything in.

Outstanding talk from Dr. Wong that has already changed how I think of wellness, empathy, and compassion.

Wellness is super important. Dr. Wong is amazing! I learned of the health benefits of mediation and intend to incorporate this into my professional life.

I have learned that compassion, including self-compassion, is important to maintain health and effectiveness in my work.

Dr. Wong’s talk enhanced my awareness of issues causing burnout in medical professionals and ways to address these.

Dr. Wong has a very warm and accepting tone in the way she approaches things and I find it truly inspiring that she shares her academic experience with all of us starting residents to pave the way to a less stigmatized environment.

I enjoy the teaching from Agnes as she is very insightful and brings a lot of medical knowledge and applies to the program to bring it all together. She always makes complex content easier to understand. Thank you for doing this for us, Agnes. It is not easy!

Agnes is a calming influence. Deep thinker! I loved her insightful comments and enjoyed meditating with her.

Agnes' presentations were so expert in their content, but easily understood, especially for someone like myself who was hearing/seeing these things for the first time. Her kind spirit comes through in everything she does. Thank you, Agnes.

I learned so much about the value of mindfulness from Agnes and found her comments and insights very helpful for my professional and personal life.

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